Professional Athlete Profiles give athletes their own online sports resume. Profiles provide all the information coaches, scouts, clubs, and sponsors are looking for presented in a high-quality professional format for no cost.

Professional Online Presence

Athletes can use this presentation as a tool to passively (organic site traffic) and actively build exposure for their sporting endeavors to the right people in a highly professional manner.

Information, Images & Videos

The information criteria has been developed with the assistance of scouts, coaches, and management. All valid public profiles must adhere to a set of minimum requirements of information.

Unique Web Personalised Web Address

Each profile is a unique page with a simple customized address eg. address can be used as an online sporting resume for elite athletes.

Detailed Chronology

A major part of each profile is the Chronology section, this is a breakdown of the competitive, training and representative history of an athletes career. This information is very pertinent for coaches, management & scouts in decision making.