Scouting & Trials

There are many paths that can lead to the professional sports arena. The majority of pathways, especially for team sports, depends upon scouting and trials. Here’s some basic information on how this can typically operate.

Schools & Junior Programs

Standard paths of youth athlete matriculation, most professional athletes start in the junior leagues. The general progression of junior elite athlete representation, particularly state and national. All the representative levels are opportunities for exposure and promotion.

Adult Club Entry

The Semi Professional to Professional path. Get regular competitive experience, this is where you find the contacts and knowledge from other athletes in similar situations. Some clubs also have open trials in the off seasons. If you want information about trialing with a prospective club, contact them via email or phone and ask, its a risk free method which goes straight to the horses mouth. Remember that everyone likes to give their own opinion of how things are done, rely on actual proof from a reliable source.

Negotiating Trials

Requesting club representatives to view your profile is easier than ever, once you’ve got the email of your recipient follow the simple steps in the article Your Profile – Making It Work For You . This article guides you through the simple process of presenting yourself in a professional context the first time, everytime.

Promoting Yourself – Getting Noticed

Its no understatement to say that the world is hungry for a constant stream of sports all the time, the level of ubiquity is always increases, thus the opportunities for potential elite athletes to matriculate to the professional arena increases. Athlete Profiles are a mechanism for athletes to build a professional online presence for their sporting endeavors. Verlete provides the tools needed to actively promote themselves at an elite level at no cost.

Get Your Agent To Promote You

Use the services they talked about when getting you to sign with them. Make them earn their eventual payout when you are signed. It happens a lot, players are signed and don’t actually use the great contacts that their representative has, you just have to ask them and show that your interested and proactive.