A Culture Of Sports

A Culture Of Sports

There are few activities around the world as engaging to all cultures as much as sports. Every four years large numbers of the world celebrate their appreciation for elite sports when the Olympic Games are held. Rarely do you see so many countries coming together peacefully and actually get anything done.

Around The World

Halfway in the wait for the next Olympics is the Football (Soccer) World Cup, how many people watched the South African World Cup in 2010? Apparently almost half the world! (source: fifa.com) Sports is definitely one of the few things that actively engages the population of the world community across all walks of life. For the most part, basic participation in sports is not defined by who you know, where you live or how much money you have. You just have to try, oh and play by the rules ;).

Benefits? Yes!

Social Interaction

Organised sporting competitions and events are some of the most highly participated in social and atruistisic activities in society. Sports events are an attractive medium of promotion for social events and commercial advertising. Many children growing aspire to be Sports stars their idols are athletes from their favorite competitions.

Athlete Opportunities

Its no understatement to say that the world is hungry for a constant stream of sports all the time, the level of ubiquity always increases, thus the opportunities for potential elite athletes to matriculate to the professional arena increases. 

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