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What is Verlete Sports? What do we do? How do we help?

What is Verlete Sports?

Finding opportunities in global sports can be challenging.

Verlete Sports is a digital sports network for individuals and sports related organisations to build and promote sporting brands online.

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Develop with Professionals

Learn from established members of the global sports community.

We connect with sports professionals around the world to discuss how they built their careers and got to where they are.

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Start exploring sports by role type

Every sport is made up of competitors, coaches, officials, administrators and a host of other contributing roles.

Start exploring sports by role type.

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What do we do?

We're supporting the growth of the global sports industry.

The system is progressively mapping out the international sports industry by sports, location, and role types.

All sports individuals and groups can join for free to gain access to a global sports market.

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How can we help?

Supporting sports industry individuals and organisations around the world.

Our focus is to create opportunities for all members of the the global sports community.

Sports are a cross-cultural medium to promote fairness, equal opportunities, and health development throughout the world. We strive to positively contribute to these endeavours.

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