Anthony Chiotis – Founder, Scout, Coach @ PlayFutbol Academy

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Anthony Chiotis – Founder, Scout, Coach @ PlayFutbol Academy

Learn about Anthony Chiotis and his work in sports as a sports company founder, talent scout, and head coach.

Anthony Chiotis recently took some time from his busy schedule as a company founder, talent agent, and head coach to tell us about his roles and career journey.

About Anthony Chiotis

Nationality: Australian & Greek

Current Roles:
Co-Founder of PlayFutbol Academy
U9’s Head Coach at St George FC
Talent Scout for Southern Cross Athletes
All in addition to studying Exercise Science (Majoring in Exercise Therapy) at the University of Technology Sydney

Residence: Australia

Sports: European Football / Soccer

About Anthony’s sporting roles

PlayFutbol Academy:
As a Co-Founder of PlayFutbol Academy, my role is heavily centred on fostering new relationships with local clubs, sponsors, equipment suppliers in addition to strategic business planning and customer service.

Southern Cross Athletes:
As part of my role with SCA, my job involves monitoring as many athletes/players in aim of identifying potential candidates for overseas opportunities.

U9s Head Coach at St George FC:
My role at St George FC alongside my Co-Coach is to ensure we accelerate the development of all individual players within a team environment.

How do your roles contribute to the overall goals of the organisations?

PlayFutbol Academy:
By ensuring we are running as efficiently as possible, to provide the highest quality of services.

Southern Cross Athletes:
Constantly promoting the company to athletes who may be interested in overseas opportunities in effort of raising the profile of the company.

St George FC:
Ensure that the club is producing footballers who can play at the highest level whilst also becoming cooperative & personable human beings.

How did you acquire your current roles?

PlayFutbol Academy:
After lengthy conversations with my good friend Juan Carlos Heras Romero, we decided to create PlayFutbol Academy together.

Southern Cross Athletes:
Was approached by Dylan Watson to join the company.

St George FC:
Was approached by Technical Director after several referrals from other coaches.

“Avoid following others, instead aim to create your own legacy.”

What typical equipment, tools & technologies do you use to achieve great outcomes in your work?

Typical equipment on the field: All supplied by Alpha Elite Gear & Gioca ranging from agility gear to footballs.

In the office: Utilising typical equipment such as a laptop with standard Microsoft Office.

What methodologies and standards do you incorporate in your work?

Ensuring I have my schedule completed one week in advance to allow me to be punctual to all meetings and appointments.

What’s your favourite or go to sports brands for your role in sports?

Alpha Elite Gear & GIOCA.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to be in your role in the future?

Avoid following others, instead aim to create your own legacy.

“Started my first small business at 15 years of age & co-founded my first company at 18 years of age”

What are some key successes or personal milestones you’ve achieved in your career?

  1. Started my first small business at 15 years of age & co-founded my first company at 18 years of age
  2. Completed my AFC C License at 18 years of age
  3. Became a Head Coach of a representative team at 18 years of age which I am eternally grateful for, as coaches at my age are rarely given such opportunities
  4. Have been my “own boss” since I was 15 years of age

What’s some advice or knowledge you wish you had been aware of earlier in your career?

Do not be scared to voice your opinions and ideas as they could lead to something you have always dreamt of.

From your perspective, who are some success stories you look up to and why?

My mother, she was a successful businesswoman who ran her own business with her work ethic being second to none which attributed to her success as one of the best in her industry. Furthermore, her charitable nature & desire to help everyone she met are traits I wish to embody within my own life and attribute greatly to the successes she had in her life.

Also, my father…a man who has overcome adversity on so many occasions & continues to be there for my brother and me. His ability to overcome adversity has served as his greatest asset in achieving the successes he has in his industry, which is another trait I wish to embody within my own life.

“Completed my AFC C License at 18 Years of age”

What regions of the world and specific organisations you’d like to be part of during your career?

Europe, either in Greece as a way of connecting with my heritage or in England as a way of immersing myself in arguably the best football culture in the world.

More about Anthony Chiotis and his work in the sports industry.

If you would like to learn more about Anthony’s work and connect with him.

Check out his LinkedIn profile for more information and details.

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