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So you think you’ve found a good prospect, what next?

Set Some Parameters

Work out what you want in an athlete before you start looking. Set a few basic filters, eg. age, gender, sport, physical characteristics, skill levels, speed, nationality etc…

Be Realistic & Genuine

Don’t give prospective athletes cause for suspicion or distrust, they’re nervous enough about their futures as it is. Be as transparent as possible, tell them your situation honestly and openly without exaggeration or untruths. If you are open and honest, you will generally have less problems and any issues that do come up will be minimised. Everyone appreciates the honest truth.

Start Small, Don’t Promise Anything

Starting small could be a simple expression of interest via email or phone, explain to the prospect your situation, the basic details they would be interested in, eg. locality, team/club name, remuneration package available, level of support professionally and personally they can expect etc…

If you come out promising big things and nothing eventuates for whatever reason, you will be blamed, avoid this and people will take your endeavors seriously.

It’s also a pragmatic decision to approach an under age athletes parent first before talking to the athlete, any angry parent is not going to help anyone’s cause.

Don’t Spam

Do not mass contact bulk members/prospects without genuine cause, select the few your genuinely interested in and approach them.

Specifically on Verlete, if you are seen as spamming your account may be suspended/banned for misuse. We are building a system of genuine use for elite athletes and sports professionals, anything seen as degrading the quality of service we can provide will be dealt with without notice or warning.


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