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When it comes to the crunch, every athlete is ultimately in charge of their own career outcomes. It’s the culmination of all the little decisions along the way that define present and future performance.

Training Solo

Depending on the sport, of course, individual sports its probably not too uncommon. Team sports, on the other hand, solo training can achieve results when focussing on certain individual aspects; technique, fitness, and physical endurance etc… If you have a higher drive/work ethic than your teammates, you may benefit psychologically doing extra training solo so not to be overly exposed to a bare minimum way of doing things all the time, it will eventually rub off on you.

Managing Your Career – Find The Right Help

All athletes need help from specialized services at some time. Agent, manager, banking, insurance, legal services, physiotherapists, doctors… you get the idea. Selecting the right help for your situation is critical to your long-term health, career and financial prosperity.

Mentality & Motivators

Going it alone can be a mentally exhaustive method if you don’t have clear goals defined and some form of support in areas that aren’t necessarily your expertise. You are made from a finite amount of energy, don’t dilute your efforts with too much, work smart and hard. Your goals are your motivators and guides to mastery.

International Opportunities

Its no understatement to say that the world is hungry for a constant stream of sports all the time, the level of ubiquity always increases, thus the opportunities for potential elite athletes to matriculate to the professional arena increases.

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