Ian Stafford – Founder @ The Sporting Club

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Ian Stafford – Founder @ The Sporting Club

Learn about Ian Stafford and his career in the sports industry.

Ian is a multi-award-winning sports journalist, author and broadcaster from England, UK.

He’s a man of many hats in the sports industry. He has successfully carved out a career in the sports industry that involves coverage of sports professionals and events of the highest calibre.

Ian took some time to discuss his career in the sports industry and current his role as founder of The Sporting Club.

About Ian Stafford

Role: Founder/Owner @ The Sporting Club

Other Sports Industry Roles: Sports Journalist, Sports Writer, Correspondent, Director, Editor

Nationality: British

Residence: England

“Show determination and perseverance – keep going, don’t give up”

How did Ian Stafford establish a career in sports journalism?

Ian Stafford is a man that believes strongly in persistence, putting in the effort and being busy.

Like most industry starters, he began his career in sports journalism by building experience with an intense period of freelance sports writing.

His first staff role in the sports industry was as Sports Correspondent with Mail on Sunday. Acquiring the role required some creativity and a lot of perseverance.

The effort was worth it, Ian landed an award for Sports Journalist of the Year in his first on-staff role as a sports journalist.

Ian Stafford’s advice for people wanting to break into the sports industry

  1. Back yourself
  2. Be determined and persevere – keep going, don’t give up
  3. Do something you love
  4. Work for the welfare of the company, not the welfare of yourself

Embracing Evolution in the Media

Journalism is an industry that was revolutionised to its core by the digital media transformation.

Ian has experienced and successfully navigated this immense change first hand.

Find from his own experiences how to navigate times of such change.

The Sporting Club

Ian Stafford’s lastest venture is as the founder of The Sporting Club, an exclusive networking club that presents events for sporting personalities and those at the highest level in the sports business.

The club has hosted a huge list of past and present world sports legends – see for yourself on the gallery page on their website.

The Sporting Club has multiple locations in London, Leeds and Manchester with more location planned.

More about Ian Stafford and The Sporting Club

If you would like to learn more about Ian Stafford’s career and connect with him.

Check out Ian Stafford’s LinkedIn Profile for more information and details.

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