James Muir – CEO & Co-Founder of Treiner

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James Muir – CEO & Co-Founder of Treiner

Learn about James Muir and his work in sports as CEO & Co-Founder of Treiner.

James Muir recently took some time from his busy schedule as CEO & Co-Founder of Treiner to tell us about his roles and career journey.

CEO & Co-Founder of Treiner since October 2017, also work part-time as an Entrepreneurship Facilitator and Facilitator for the Startup Gippsland Accelerators.

About James Muir

Nationality: Australian & British

Current Roles:

  • CEO & Co-Founder @ Treiner
  • Entrepreneurship Facilitator and Facilitator for the Startup Gippsland Accelerators

Residence: Australia

How do your roles contribute to the overall goals of the organisations?

My role drives the organisation.

How did you acquire your current roles?

Co-founded Treiner in 2017 after working in football full-time since 2004.

“Work with others, dont be a silo”

What typical equipment, tools & technologies do you use to achieve great outcomes in your work?

Slack, Trello, Zoom, email, text.

What methodologies and standards do you incorporate in your work?

Football First principle.

What’s your favourite or go to sports brands for your role in sports?

Adidas & Allbirds

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to be in your role in the future?

Work with others, dont be a silo.

“I’d like to work more in the ASEAN region”

What are some key successes or personal milestones you’ve achieved in your career?

Working with Fiji National teams between 2008-2011, pivoting my career several times but still staying involved in football & sport.

Launching a startup through COVID and 2 babies.

What’s some advice or knowledge you wish you had been aware of earlier in your career?

Learn how to code, design and understand digital marketing.

From your perspective, who are some success stories you look up to and why?

Always have looked up to Richard Branson, and read his books at a young age, more recently the Leibovich brothers from catch.

From a football perspective really inspired by what Roy Krishna has managed to achieve in his career, despite many challenges (coming from a small village in an island off the mainland in Fiji) and roadblocks, bad advice etc.

“Helping drive more innovation in football”

What regions of the world and specific organisations you’d like to be part of during your career?

I’d like to work more in the ASEAN region.

What types of roles would you like to be doing in the future during your career?

Helping drive more innovation in football and assisting football first startups and businesses work in collaboration with clubs and federations.

More about James Muir and his work in the international sports industry.

If you would like to learn more about James Muir’s work and connect with him.

Check out his LinkedIn profile for more information and details.

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