Luca Dalla Pace – Soccer Development Officer at BC Soccer

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Luca Dalla Pace – Soccer Development Officer at BC Soccer

Learn about Luca Dalla Pace and his role as Soccer Development Officer of the Provincial Program for BC Soccer.

Luca Dalla Pace recently took some time from his busy schedule as Soccer Development Officer of the Provincial Program for BC Soccer to tell us about his roles and career journey.

About Luca Dalla Pace

Nationality: Canadian & Italian

Current Roles: Soccer Development Officer, Provincial Program – British Colombia Soccer

Residence: Canada

About Luca’s Soccer Development Officer role

Soccer Development Officer is responsible for the day-to-day coordination and facilitation of the BC Soccer Provincial Program.

How do your roles contribute to the overall goals of the organisations?

Player development and advancement.

How did you acquire your current roles?

I found out about the role from the BC Soccer Staff that I worked with in the past before starting there. They had told me there was a role coming up that my profile matched well with.

Once it was posted I went through the application and interview process with the Technical Staff and BC Soccer President and Executive Director.

I didn’t think I would get the job, 12 years later here we are.

“Keep learning and stay humble”

What typical equipment, tools & technologies do you use to achieve great outcomes in your work?

InStat Sport

What’s your favourite or go to sports brands for your role in sports?

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to be in your role in the future?

Keep learning and stay humble.

“Never drop your standards”

What are some key successes or personal milestones you’ve achieved in your career?

  • Moving players to the next level
  • Goalkeeper Coach for Canada’s Youth Teams

What’s some advice or knowledge you wish you had been aware of earlier in your career?

Never drop your standards.

From your perspective, who are some success stories you look up to and why?

Michael Findlay – ingrained the Canadian Pride, values and standards in me
Rob Csabai – best coach developer in the business

“Moving players onto the next level is my trophies and medals”

What regions of the world and specific organisations you’d like to be part of during your career?

  • Canada Soccer
  • Professional Youth Academies
  • Professional Football Clubs

What types of roles would you like to be doing in the future during your career?

First off, I’m very happy where I am and working with BC Soccer. I owe them a lot and they helped me to achieve some personal goals with my career.

I’m always a Goalkeeper Coach first, so a dream would be getting into the professional game, or a professional youth academy as a GK Coach. I will always be passionate about youth development and working with youth players to make them not only better footballers but better people.

Moving players onto the next level is my trophies and medals.

More about Luca Dalla Pace and his work in the football industry.

If you would like to learn more about Luca Dalla Pace’s work and connect with him.

Check out LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for more information and details.

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