Sports Profile Setup & Optimisation

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Sports Profile Setup & Optimisation

Making the most of your sports profile

Complete the following steps to optimise your profile setup.

Table of Contents:

Sign Up Account

Get started by signing up for a free account. The process is fast and simple, join here now.

Tip: You can create multiple profiles with a single account.


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Create New Profile

Log in to your new account and select the create a new profile link or button.

  1. Profile Title
    Name of the sports organisation or person.
  2. Profile Types
    The profile types of the profile (maximum of 5).
  3. Sports
    The sports that the profile entity is involved with (maximum of 5).
  4. Countries
    Country or countries the profile entity is located (maximum of 5).
  5. Languages
    The languages spoken and/or supported (maximum of 5).

Create Profile
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Profile Image

  1. Navigate to the Image tab on the profile edit menu.
  2. Click on Choose File to select a file for upload.
    Note: Max file size: 2mb
  3. To remove the image, hover/tap the image to display the delete X in the top right.
    This will remove the existing image and a new image will available to be added.

Add Profile Image

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  1. On the About tab, scroll down to the Biography module.
  2. Add content and save your updates.
  3. The biography updates will now be available on your profile.

Add Biography

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Contact Info

    1. On the Contact tab, add in the details for your contact information and website.
    2. Save your updates.
    3. The website will now be available on your profile.

Add Contact Details

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  1. On the Socials tab, add in the direct links for all your social network pages.
  2. Save your updates.
  3. The social links will now be available on your profile.

Add Socials

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Now you’ve setup your profile, added the essential information and contact points, your profile is ready for the open world. Well done 😀

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