World Famous Marathons

World Famous Marathons

Marathons have been a part of the human civilization since time immemorial. The evidence of the first marathon race can be traced back to ancient Greece, where such runs were an integral part of society. Since then, it has seen a variety of changes in terms of rules and regulations, and training involved. However, the basic essence of marathon running has been the same. Still, runners from all over the world participate in this endurance test of will, physical strength, and stamina.

Looking at the science of running, researchers have developed sophisticated training regimens and sports equipment to help the runners. The thrill of crossing the finishing line after running for over 20 miles without stopping gives a unique adrenaline rush. In this article, we present a list of famous marathons conducted in different parts of the world.

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon gained much of its notoriety after the terrorist attacks in the year 2013. However, it has always been an important marathon event in American history. The first Boston Marathon was held in the year 1897, which was in the 19th century.

Considered as one of the oldest running marathon events in the world, the Boston marathon event has rigorous qualifying standards that allow only the best athletes in the world to compete. The event is organized every year on the Patriot’s Day when runners gather around in Hopkinton outside the Boston city. The race route passes through several different New England towns before ending in the center of Boston city.

Great Wall Marathon

The Great Wall Marathon is one of the most historic and most famous marathon races in the world. It is organized every year in May and is considered as one of the most difficult marathons to run. It is traditionally held on the Tianjin section of the Great Wall of China. Although the first marathon was organized in the year 1999, it is considered as historic due to its occurrence on the Great Wall of China, which is already considered as one of the seven wonders of the world.

Moreover, the marathon is considered highly difficult due to the fact that runners have to climb almost 5200 steps of the Great Wall to complete the race. It is a tremendous experience as runners have to utilize an extra 50% of their physical endurance in this marathon. For the spectators, it is a picturesque event, thanks to the beautiful scenery of the Chinese countryside alongside the wall.

New York City Marathon

The New York City Marathon is considered as one of the most modern forms of marathon races. Being the largest marathon race in the world, it is famous because over 50,000 people complete the event every year. Even if it is one of the most famous marathons in the world, the New York City Marathon is incredibly tough and tests the endurance of the runners to the limit. Ideally, it is sponsored by leading brands due to its immense popularity and urban setting. Historically, the first New York City Marathon was organized in the year 1970 and has been continued ever since.

Athens Marathon

The Athens Marathon is one of the most famous marathons in entire Europe and world combined. The first Athens Marathon dates back to the 490 B.C. The Greek word “Marathos” gave marathon its name. The Athens Marathon is an uphill race which involves more than 15,000 runners every year. It has a rich history, as some of the world’s best marathon runners participate in this event.

London Marathon

Much like the New York City Marathon, the London Marathon is also considered as one of the most famous marathon races in the world. The runners gather before the Great Tower of London and pass through the London Eye before finishing the race at the Buckingham Palace. Gathering wise, the London Marathon is huge as more than 170,000 runners participate in this event every year. In the year 2016, more than 45,000 runners finished the marathon and set a new record.

Tokyo Marathon

Tokyo Marathon is a spectator’s delight. More than 30,000 runners gather every year in front of a million spectators to race through the most urbanized areas in the world. The marathon race passes through landmarks of Tokyo city such as the Imperial Palace, the Royal Tokyo Tower, and Imperial Station. Held in the capital of Japan every year, the marathon race is widely sponsored by leading Japanese multi-national companies such as Honda, Toyota, Sony, and Mitsubishi.

Berlin Marathon

The Berlin Marathon is organized in the month of September every year. The first event was organized in the year 1974. Each year more than 50,000 runners from all over the world gather in this prestigious event and participate in this race. The marathon also sponsors different categories such as skating, wheelchair, and Breakfast Race during the event. The marathon passes through some of the oldest buildings in Berlin, which stand witness to the rich German heritage. The current world record holder Dennis Kimetto reached the milestone in this event in 2014 before a crowd of 124,994 spectators.

Marathon is for All

Even the most famous Marathons don’t require any stringent rules and regulations of participation. Even when you’re traveling the world, and there’s a marathon race to be held nearby, you can participate in the race without a hassle.

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