What are the Biggest Sports Stadiums in the World?

What are the Biggest Sports Stadiums in the World?

Biggest sports stadiums are renowned in the world for their status, persona, and hysteria of the fans crowded in them. Inherently, some of the biggest sports stadiums in the world are dedicated to games such as Football, American Football, Cricket, and Athletics.

Biggest Sports Stadiums: The Variance

The variance in the size of such humongous monuments can be attributed to their configuration. Over the years, the seating capacity of stadiums has been reduced to install more comfortable and convenient seats. From time immemorial, stadiums have served as sole theaters of entertainment for the public. Of all the largest stadiums in the world, almost half of them are in the United States of America. This is due to the fact that the largest stadiums are often hosting American football matches.

Sports like American football, football, and cricket require large playing areas. Therefore, big stadiums are constructed to accommodate thousands of spectators who turn up to watch their favorite sports players.

In this article, we will cover some of the biggest sports stadiums in the world.

Biggest Sports Stadiums in the United States

The United States of America is home to various sports stadiums that have enormous seating capacities. Some of the biggest sports stadiums in the world are located in this country.

Michigan Stadium

This stadium has a capacity of seating 113,065 people in one instance. It is the home ground of the University of Michigan American Football team. The stadium was constructed in 1927. At that time, the total cost of its construction was approximately $1.4 million.

It is also known as – the Big House, due to its enormous capacity. It is one of the biggest sports stadiums all over the world, and the biggest in the USA. Since 1975, it has hosted a crowd of over a hundred thousand for every home match.

Further, the venue has been used by many other sports and sporting events. The stadium also hosted a pre-season friendly match between two European powerhouses of football – Real Madrid and Manchester United in the year 2014.

Beaver Stadium

The Beaver Stadium in the Pennsylvania state is an integral part of the Pennsylvania State University. Importantly, the stadium has a seating capacity of 110,753 people. It is considered one of the most distinguished venues for American Football. Being the third biggest stadium in the world and second biggest stadium in the United States, the Beaver Stadium is one of the most famous sports events in the world.

Moreover, of all the three biggest sports stadiums in the world, the Beaver stadium is known for hosting athletics. Recently, it has been included in the Google Street View.

Ohio Stadium

The Ohio Stadium has a capacity of 104,944 people. It is also known as “The Horshoe”, due to its distinguishing appearance. Besides, being the home ground of the Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Ohio State University Marching Band, it is an important part of the Ohio state events and occasions. Intrinsically, it has also served as the official venue for Ohio State University’s Spring Commencement ceremonies.

Moreover, for two years – 1996 to 1998, the stadium was the official home ground of Major League Soccer team, Columbus Crew. Apart from sports events, the stadium has also been used by renowned musicians, singers, and artists such as U2, Taylor Swift, Metallica, and Guns N Roses.

Kyle Field Stadium

The Kyle Field Stadium is the home ground of Texas A&M Aggies College Football Team. The total seating capacity of the venue is 102,733 people. Importantly, it is located on the campus of Texas A&M University, in Texas, United States of America.

Further, with its enormous seating capacity, it is ranked as the fourth-largest stadium in the United States, and the biggest stadium in the Southern Conference.

Biggest Sports Stadiums in the Rest of the World

Outside of the United States, there are several different stadiums situated in the different parts of the world that have enormous seating capacities.

Rungrado May Day Stadium

The Rungrado 1st of May Day Stadium, also known as the May Day Stadium is considered as the topper in the list of world’s biggest sports stadiums. Further, it has an enormous seating capacity of 114,000, which is more than any other sports venue in the world. The stadiumĀ is located in the capital of North Korea – Pyongyang. It was constructed in 1989.

Initially, the seating capacity was 150,000. Although, it was reduced to expand other facilities in the stadium.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is located in Melbourne, Australia. It is the only stadium dedicated to cricket that is considered as one of the biggest sports stadiums in the world. Besides, it has a gigantic seating capacity of 100,024 people.

Moreover, it is popularly called as the MCG. The venue has also hosted other major sporting events such as – the 1956 Olympics, and the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Being a native ground for cricket, it has also hosted two Cricket World Cups in 1986 and 2015.

Nou Camp

The Nou Camp is the world famous football stadium located in Barcelona. Historically, it is the home ground of Spanish champion team – Barcelona. Additionally, the venue has an enormous seating capacity is 99,354 people.

Besides, built in the year 1957, it has been the stalwart venue for Barcelona and Spain, as well. Furthermore, it has hosted two Champions’ League Finals, a World Cup Semi-Final, and 16 Spanish Cups.

Soccer City

The Soccer City Stadium is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Significantly, it is the home ground of the football team Kaizer Chiefs and has hosted numerous important sporting events including the special venue for the 2010 World Cup Final.

Moreover, the seating capacity of the stadium is 94,376 and is considered the biggest sports stadium in South Africa, and one of the biggest sports stadiums in the world.

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