What are good sports sunscreen products for sun protection?

What are good sports sunscreen products for sun protection?

Sunlight Exposure & Sports Sunscreen Products

Sports sunscreen products are in high demand due to the dangerous implications related to too much sunlight exposure. Generally, sunlight is a quintessential element for us to remain healthy, and disease-free. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause serious skin problems. The sunlight received by us on Earth also contains harmful radiation that can alter the structure of our skin cells. This radiation is called Ultraviolet or UV radiation.

For sportspeople playing and exercise under the sun is prerequisite to enhance their skills. It is important to make sure that sportsmen receive the best screen protection from harmful UV radiation from the sun. Otherwise, cumulative damage caused by long-term exposure to UV radiation can cause skin cancer as well.


It is important to understand that skin problems can occur not only to the individuals who exercise under the sunlight but also to persons who run, swim, play golf or football outside. Therefore, skin protection must be ensured to all the sportsperson engaged in outdoor activities.

Besides, the risk of UV exposure is not limited to bright or sunny days only. Majority of the UV rays are able to penetrate clouds, which can get you burned even on overcast days as well.

The risk of sunlight exposure is considerably high in sportspersons, who have to work for long hours under the sun. Some of the world’s leading sports stars use a plethora of different products to protect themselves from the harmful radiations of the sun.

Best Sports Sunscreen Products

Sunscreen offers a great deal of protection against harmful UV radiation. It is important for the sportspersons to use sunscreen whenever they are practicing, competingĀ or exercising under the sun. In this section, we will provide some of the best sports sunscreen products that are available in the market.

EltaMD UV Sports Sunscreen SPF 50

It is a decent product that provides a unique water-resistant formula suitable for all skin types. Unlike other sports sunscreen products, this product is neither heavy nor oily after applying. Besides, it is an ideal choice for individuals who have sensitive skin and are allergic to oily skin products.

Intrinsically, the product is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides protection against both – UVB and UVA rays, with an SPF of 50 to ensure comprehensive protection from harmful UV rays. In addition, it is water-resistant for 80 minutes. Thus, offering a great benefit for swimmers and sportsmen indulged in other water sports.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid SPF 60

The La Roche Ultra Screen is also a water-resistant product, which is a notch-above against the rest of its competition because it offers a high SPF rating of 60. The product is essentially light to your skin, and you never feel the burden of wearing a mask because of its unique feather-like feel. It is absorbed quickly by your skin and offers a comprehensive protection against the harmful UV rays.

Being a light-weight product for your skin, it is tailor-made for people who require 24×7 sunlight protection. You can use it every day without a hassle.

Fresh Sugar Sports Treatment Sunscreen SPF 30

The product is basically designed to protect your lips from getting sunburned. It is typically a tailor-made product to safeguard your lips against the harmful effects of the sunlight. Being a light-weight and water-resistant product, it provides a soft feel to your lips.

All the ingredients used in this product are non-toxic and harmless. To apply, you just have to rub the tip of the tube with your lips, and you’re all set to face the sun. Designed for people with an active lifestyle, this product is ideal for any sportsperson or individuals who love to remain outdoors.

Coola Organic Sports Sunscreen Spray SPF 50

This product provides a fast and effective protection against harmful UV rays. Thanks to its unique spray functionality, you save the timeĀ from manually applying a sun-screen. Besides, it has an SPF rating of 50, which is on par with the best sports sunscreen products.

Unlike other spray products, it doesn’t contain any oxybenzone that is harmful to the environment as well as your skin. Further, it contains over 70% organic ingredients that make it an ideal product for sportspersons and fans, alike.

Additional Safety Tips for Sportsmen

As per the Skin Cancer Foundation, one must consider the following tips to reduce the exposure to sunlight:

  • Prevent sunlight exposure from 10 am to 4 pm. Sportspersons should fix their training regimen, and practice either early morning or late in the evening.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Avoid sunburns. The risk of skin cancer doubles if you have got a sunburn.
  • Use clothing apparel as the best form of sports sunscreen products. A tightly woven or knit, dark or bright colored fabrics offer the best protection from the harmful UV radiation. These days UV protecting clothing is also available for swimmers, which provides a great deal of safety.

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